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IGNOU MCA Syllabus 2018 (1st-6th Semester) New Structure/Exam Syllabus PDF

Vector space, subspace and its properties, linear independence and dependence of vectors, matrices, rank of a matrix, reduction to normal forms, linear homogeneous and non-homogenous equations, Cayley-Hamilton theorem, characteristic roots and vectors. Rectangular and Conjugate hyperbolas.

This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Sequence of real numbers, Convergence of sequences, Bounded and monotone sequences, Convergence criteria for sequences of real numbers, Cauchy sequences, Subsequences, Bolzano-Weierstrass theorem.

Check out more worthy topics. HopcroftRajeev Motwani, Jeffrey D. Transactional analysis, Johari window, job analysis and job design: Introduction to Data Structure 1. To understand the implementation of various data structures and algorithms.

Basic Set Theory and Functions: Paper 1 will consist of 50 MCQs based questions on Mathematics which will carry marks. Science for Affiliated Colleges Page20 of 35 M. Basic functionalities, multiprogramming, multiprocessing, multithreading, timesharing, real-time operating system; processor management, process synchronization, memory management, device management, file management, security and protection; case study: It will be beneficial with the background of C language.

Sets, functions, relations, counting; generating functions, recurrence relations and their solutions; algorithmic complexity, growth of functions and asymptotic notations. Beside Undergraduate and Postgraduate degree the Dept. Functions of Two or Three Real Variables: IIT is one of the top-technical and IT institution in India that offers undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate degree where MCA was discontinued by the institution.

Multiprogramming and timesharing operating systems. Take proper coaching for practical and difficult Subjects. Fully Objective type paper Subject Weightage: Ratios and proportions, problems on time-work, distance-speed, percentage, etc.

Meaning and objectives of fiscal and monetary policies. Syllabus for entrance test is given below: Addition, subtraction, dot product, cross product, triple product and their applications. File organization techniques, database approach, data models, DBMS architecture; data independence, E-R model, relational data models, SQL, normalization and functional dependencies.

Definition, order, degree of a differential equation, Formation of a differential equation. Decimal, binary, octal, hexadecimal numbers and their conversion.

Linear, homogenous and bi-homogenous equations, separable equations, first order higher degree equations, algebraic properties of solutions, Wronskian-its properties and applications, linear homogenous equations with constant coefficients, solution of second order differential equations.

Neighbourhoods, open and closed sets, limit points and Bolzano Weiestrass theorem, continuous functions, sequences and their; properties, limit superior and limit inferior of a sequence, infinite series and their convergence.

Differentiation and partial differentiation of a vector function, derivative of sum, dot product and cross product, gradient, divergence and curl. Average mean, median and mode. Prerequisites Concept of Structures and pointers 1.

Measures of dispersion and their properties, skewness and kurtosis, introduction to probability, theorems of total and compound probability, Bayes theorem random variables, and probability distributions and density functions, mathematical expectation, moment generating functions, cumulants and their relation with moments, binomial Poisson and normal distributions and their properties, correlation and regression, method of least squares, introduction to sampling and sampling distributions like Chi-square,t and Fdistributions, test of significance based on t, Chi-square and F distributions.

Students needs better preparation to qualify the marks with good marks, so follow below provide tips to crack the examination- Firstly you must know about Pune University syllabus as per their course. Coordinate geometry of three dimensions: Get strong command on basic concepts, and make sure no there will be no more doubts.

The registration can be done online on the official website of the JECA Practice daily with Previous Year question paper. Cost function — short run costs, long run average cost, long run marginal cost.

This is to inform that the official website of C.S.J.M. University, Kanpur is hosted at only. Any other website providing any information about university is not genuine and the university will not be responsible for authenticity of any data.

MCA New Syllabus COURSE SEM CODE COURSE TITLE L-T-P Credits Internal Marks External Marks Total Marks PGDIT I CS Probability & Statistics 4 30 70 Syllabus of Master of Computer Applications (MCA), SCHEME OF EXAMINATION & DETAILED SYLLABUS (w.

e. f. Academic Year ) For MASTER OF COMPUTER APPLICATIONS (MCA) DEGREE GURU GOBIND SINGH INDRAPRASTHA UNIVERSITY KASHMERE GATE, DELHI. Syllabus of Master of Computer Applications (MCA). MCA is a course exclusively designed to meet the IT requirements of IT Trained Students for various organizations.

Those who want to have advanced education in planning, designing and building of complex commercial application software and system software should pursue this degree. IIT Roorkee MCA Entrance Exam Syllabus.

NIMCET 2018: Application Form, Eligibility, Syllabus PDF, NIT MCA Dates

MATHEMATICS, COMPUTER AWARENESS, ANALYTICAL ABILITY AND GENERAL AWARENESS. Weightages in the MCA Test Paper for Mathematics, Computer Awareness and Analytical Ability &.

MCA Entrance Exam Syllabus There will be an online test of 2 hours consisting of multiple choice questions.

Syllabus of Anna University Chennai - Master of Computer Applications (MCA)

For every correct answer a candidate will get 4 marks and 1 mark will be deducted for an incorrect answer.

Mca syllabus
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